FlyMine is an integrated database of genomic, expression and protein data for DrosophilaAnopheles and C. elegans. Integrating data makes it possible to run sophisticated data mining queries that span domains of biological knowledge.

FlyMine is under continued development by a team of software developers and biologists in the Cambridge Systems Biology Centre at Cambridge University.

The FlyMine Team

Current members:

Gos Micklem Project Leader gos [at] flymine.org
Rachel Lyne Senior Biologist rachel [at] flymine.org
Julie Sullivan Software Developer julie [at] flymine.org

Past members:

Alex Kalderimis, Radek Stepan, Mike Lyne, Daniela Butano, Fengyuan Hu, Richard Smith, Adrian Carr, Matthew Wakeling, Xavier Watkins, Jakub Kulaviak, Hilde Janssens, Kim Rutherford, François Guillier, Philip North, Wenyan Ji, Peter McLaren, Tom Riley, Debashis Rana, Mark Woodbridge, Andrew Varley, Rajasekhar Paidi.



We gratefully acknowledge the support of the U.S. NIH/NHGRI for the FlyMine/InterMine project through awards to:

G. Micklem (PI), Department of GeneticsCambridge Computational Biology InstituteCambridge Systems Biology Centre, University of Cambridge

S. Russell, Department of Genetics and Cambridge Systems Biology Centre, University of Cambridge

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