Cite FlyMine

It is a huge help when applying for funding to have a good rate of citation so if FlyMine has contributed to your research please do cite us as below.  See other papers that cite FlyMine.  If you use a published dataset we suggest you cite the listed paper.

If you wish to acknowledge the use of FlyMine in a publication, please cite:

FlyMine: an integrated database for Drosophila and Anopheles genomics
Rachel Lyne, Richard Smith, Kim Rutherford, Matthew Wakeling, Andrew Varley, Francois Guillier, Hilde Janssens, Wenyan Ji, Peter Mclaren, Philip North, Debashis Rana, Tom Riley, Julie Sullivan, Xavier Watkins, Mark Woodbridge, Kathryn Lilley, Steve Russell, Michael Ashburner, Kenji Mizuguchi and Gos Micklem
Genome Biology 2007, 8:R129 doi:10.1186/gb-2007-8-7-r129
pubmed id: 17615057

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