Outreachy Interview: Mardhiyah Sanni on ‘Review, update, and integrate InterMine developer documentation’ project

This is our blog series interviewing our 2020 Outreachy interns, who are working remotely for InterMine for 3 months (from December to February) on the user interface and developer documentation projects. We’ve interviewed Mardhiyah Sanni, who will be working on “Review, update, and integrate InterMine developer documentation”.

Hi Mardhiyah! We’re really excited to have you on board as part of the team this winter. Can you introduce yourself? 

Hi InterMine team! I am also very excited to be working with you guys during this winter. I am a recent Electronic and Electrical Engineering graduate. I am a python developer and an aspiring machine learning engineer with particular interests in computer vision and natural language processing. I enjoy being in intellectually stimulating environments as this satisfies my hunger for solving problems of varying nature.

I also enjoy watching movies, videos of pandas and playing (probably an unhealthy amount 🙈) of scrabble.

What interested you about Outreachy with InterMine?

Applying to outreachy was my first experience with open source, so I wanted to start from contributing to a documentation related project. However, after starting with the InterMine project and interacting with the very accommodating community, I was instantly attached to this project and team. I must say that the community made my first experience with contributing to open source a very memorable and easy one and I am therefore looking forward to spending the next three months working with the team.

Tell us about the project you’re planning to do for InterMine this winter.

The project is “Review, update, and integrate InterMine developer documentation”. I intend to evaluate different technical documentation frameworks that support markdown and versioning as an alternative to the current documentation that uses Sphinx and Read the Docs. I also plan on reviewing the current documentation for issues and implementing solutions, converting files written in reStructuredText to markdown format as well as integrate the two documentation sources.

Are there any challenges you anticipate for your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

The main challenges I’m anticipating are time and organization. However, I have come up with a detailed timeline, highlighting when tasks should be started and completed and a spreadsheet to keep track of converted and reviewed files. 

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