InterMine Releases – Winter 2018 Update (Solr, Strains and being more FAIR)

Here’s a list of recent and upcoming InterMine releases.

InterMine 3.0 – Solr

Just released! This is the Solr project we discussed over the summer that was done as part of Google Summer of Code (Thanks again Arunan!). See our blog post for details.

InterMine 3.1 – Strains

This will be released next week. The release will include the data model changes we discussed on the last community call. We’ve added Strain to the core data model, with references to Organism and Sequence Feature.

Sam’s built a test mine you can query to preview the updates.

This will not be a disruptive release, except you may want to update your strains to match the core InterMine data model.

InterMine 3.1.1 – Bug fixes

3.1.1 is a small release comprised of a few very very small but useful bug fixes and features. If you have something specific you need done, please ask!

This will not be a disruptive release.

InterMine 4.0 – FAIR

We’ve been making InterMine more FAIR! This release will include things like adding licence information to data sets, adding ontologies to describe the data model etc. More details soon! We’re hoping this release is ready late January 2019.

This will not be a disruptive release.

Thanks for reading! As always, if you have any questions, please hop onto our discord server ( or drop us an email.

Helpful Links:

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