InterMine 2.1.0 release

We pushed out a few bug fixes and improvements:

  • FIX – “Update publications” data source failed when too many PubMed IDs were sent to the Entrez web service (Thank you to Norbert Auer!)
  • FIX – small bug for generating Python code
  • FIX – FASTA query web service times out when extensions are used (Thanks to Joel Richardson!)
  • FIX – Discontiguous CDS sequences and lengths not set properly
  • FIX – Some SO terms were not updated in 2.0 release
  • FIX – Region search: trying to leave “extended region” field blank results in error

See GitHub for details:

How to Upgrade

Throughout the InterMine code, the InterMine version number is set via a global variable. Here’s an example:

# Maven will download the bio-core JAR with the correct version
compile group: 'org.intermine', name: 'bio-core', version: System.getProperty("bioVersion")

To change which InterMine version you are using , you will want to increment the value of the system property “imVersion” and “bioVersion“. These are located in  the “” file for your mine:

# in your mine

Maven will now download, for example, the bio-core JAR of the latest version, e.g. “bio-core-2.1.0.jar”.

If you set the property to “2.1.+” you will get any small point releases that are published in the future. You can set the property to be 2.1.0 if you ONLY want to use version “2.1.0” and do not want to receive updates:

# to only get specific version

Here is an example:

HumanMine upgrade to use the latest version.

InterMine 3.0 – SOLR

The next InterMine release will be InterMine 3.0 which will include SOLR. See our SOLR blog post for details.

We are currently testing SOLR with InterMine and should have a version ready for public beta testing early next month.