InterMine 2.0

We are excited to announce the official release of InterMine 2.0!

InterMine 2.0 includes some model updates, a big change in how InterMine itself is built, lots of new features, like a new UI, and a long list bug fixes. See the full list of updates here.

This release represents a large milestone for the InterMine team! Not only because we made big fundamental changes to the core InterMine data model and build system, but also because this release represents a major shift in philosophy for us. Previously InterMine was a big, monolithic, single piece of software. You downloaded the whole InterMine, you compiled the whole InterMine, you got the whole of InterMine. Instead, we are moving towards this idea of modularity and responsiveness. Smaller, independent libraries that are interconnected but can be used for tools and features separately or linked together.

Smaller decoupled InterMine packages will allow us to develop more features faster with less errors. InterMine maintainers might then have the flexibility to include (or not) the features in their mine, plug in their own tools, etc.

Version 2.0 represents a big step towards this goal!

A New Interface

A new feature in InterMine 2.0 is the ability to run our new UI, nicknamed “Blue Genes”. This app is in addition to the current webapp and offers a new and responsive search environment for your InterMine data.

Blue genes is a modern UI built in Clojure and provides a modern user experience.

  • Super fast response times
  • Interactive list upload
  • Redesigned “My account” section
  • Search autocomplete
  • Template and query builder result previews
  • .. lots more!

Once you have your InterMine updated to InterMine 2.0, there is a single command that will launch Blue Genes for your mine.

We are actively seeking feedback on Blue Genes, it’s still very much in the beta phase still, so please get in touch once you have some opinions!

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone who helped test this release! Thanks Howie Motenko at MGI for your alpha testing and model insights. And a BIG thank you goes to Sam Hokin from the NCGR who spent a lot of time and effort helping improve InterMine! Thanks Sam and Howie! You are much appreciated.

Helpful Links

What exactly we changed (blog post)

Full list of GitHub tickets included this release

Docs on how to upgrade to 2.0


As always, please contact us if you have any questions or comments! We have an active twitter account, a discord server at, and a low traffic mailing list.