FlyMine 46.0 Released!

FlyMine has been updated to the latest version of FlyBase. All other data sets have also been updated to the newest versions and we have fixed a few bugs. See the data sources page for a full list of data and their versions. All data can be accessed through our comprehensive library of template searches or by building your own queries using the query builder.


Data model changes!

Our data model has changed slightly to make querying easier between mines.

  • Protein molecular weight is a float instead of an integer
  • We’ve added URLs for GO term evidence codes
  • Sequence Ontology (the basis for the InterMine data model) is updated, so lots of new data types added.

See our previous blog post for complete details of updates.

No more Anopheles

After listening to community feedback, we have decided to stop loading Anopheles data into FlyMine. However, as always, if there is a specific data set you are interested in, please contact us!


We have docs and videos, and for a full list of data sources available in FlyMine see the data sources list.

However, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further assistance. For all types of help and feedback email