Coming up soon: InterMine 2.0 release webinar, community calls, and GSoC presentations

What’s coming up soon in InterMineLand? Here are a few of the highlights:

Upgrading to 2.0 – Thursday 2nd August

With the release of InterMine 2.0 RC1, we’ll be dedicating the InterMine Developer call to an InterMine 2.0 Upgrade Webinar, spending around 20 minutes discussing how one upgrades an InterMine 1.x installation to use the newer (and much more easygoing) Gradle dependency management system. Q&A afterwards so you can learn everything you’ve been burning to know. [Call in information]

This call will be recorded so anyone who couldn’t make it can catch up.

GSoC Student project presentations – Thursday 16th August

Six students, six awesome projects. Our students have been blogging prolifically while working over the last three months, and they’ll be presenting their work on the developer call, with five minutes slots per student + time for Q&A afterwards. [Agenda here]

This call will be recorded so anyone who couldn’t make it can catch up.

Community Outreach Call – 6th September 

Once a quarter we host non-techie calls where we focus on interesting things the community has been doing as well as community engagement in general. This time we’ll be featuring Kevin Macpherson, who runs some fantastic community outreach at SGD, including amazing webinar video use-cases.  [Agenda, still work in progress]

Previous featured speakers include Jacqueline Campbell talk about her approach to community engagement, Wayne Decateur demonstrating InterMine code in Jupyter notebooks, and Abby Cabunoc Mayes, Mozilla’s Working Open Practice Lead.

We’re still looking for speakers for this call and the next one, in December – If you have a topic you’d like to share about InterMine, open science/source, or bioinformatics in general, ping to pitch the idea.


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