New Branding Parameters – Mine Update Needed

We have written several non-InterMine applications that require mine-specific displays. For example:

  • iOS app needs colour and logo to distinguish between mines
  • Blue genes app needs config from mine to brand the site
  • InterMine home page
  • Registry UI
  • InterMine R – shiny app
  • Friendly mines tool

And there may be more applications in the future!


To make your logo and mine colour available to these applications, please set these properties in file:

branding.images.logo This image should be 45px by 45px, defaults to InterMine logo
branding.colors.header.main Main colour for your mine, defaults to grey, #595455
branding.colors.header.text Text colour designed to be readable against your main colour, defaults to white, #fff.

You will have to restart your webapp for these to take effect. You can view these parameters at the /branding API end point, e.g.

Here are the docs on the file, and here is FlyMine’s file. There’s also an example on Codepen.

If you need help finding the right colour, we can help, or try a colour picker!