Notice: Removing “Node” Syntax

Please note that in InterMine 2.0 we will longer support the “Node” syntax in queries. This is an old way of writing path queries and hasn’t been used for several years.

Here is an example of the old way of doing things:

<query name="employeeDepartmentCompany" model="testmodel" view="">
    <node path="Employee" type="Employee"></node>
    <node path="Employee.department" type="Department"> </node>
    <node path="" type="String">
     <constraint op="=" value="DepartmentA1" description="" identifier="" code="A">

This is the current syntax for the same query:

   <query name="employeeDepartmentCompany" model="testmodel" view="">
    <constraint path="" op="=" value="DepartmentA1" identifier="" code="A"/>

You can see why we changed! If you think this is going to inconvenience you in any way or have any questions, please get in touch.