HumanMine moving to HTTPS

What is happening?

To improve security and privacy, HumanMine is moving all of its Web sites and services, including Web APIs, to HTTPS only by 30 September, 2016.

If you use HumanMine only through a Web browser (like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.), this document is not of interest to you. The only change you should notice after the deadline is that a green lock icon should appear inside the box, and the web addresses of the HumanMine pages you visit will start with https://.

If you maintain software that uses HumanMine APIs or accesses HumanMine servers through the Web, you should understand and act before the deadline to ensure uninterrupted service.

Applications that access HumanMine web servers using http: URLs, instead of https:// URLs, may fail partially or completely after HumanMine switches to HTTPS-only.



The HTTP protocol does not provide encryption, so anyone who can see web traffic between a client (for example, a web browser) and a server can intercept potentially sensitive information, and/or inject malware into users’ browsers or operating systems. HTTPS solves this problem. It works just like HTTP, except that traffic is encrypted in both directions, so observers between the client and the server can’t intercept or tamper with the requests or responses. It also provides authentication, ensuring that the client is communicating with the intended server given by the hostname, and not some impostor. (Source)

Please contact us with any questions or concerns!