Planned outage, May 9th 2016

May 9th 2016, the chillers that help to cool our server room will be undergoing planned maintenance.


The following services will be down all day:

  • InterMine email, including personal email addresses and the mailing list (incidentally, we’ve announced this on other channels, but here’s a reminder: the address has changed to
  • BlueGenes

The following services may be down, particularly towards the end of the day:

We’ll try to leave the mines up as long as possible, with our sysadmins monitoring the temperature of the machine they’re on. If it gets too hot, they’ll get switched off too. Webservices and the webapp will be affected.

Things we hope won’t go down:

  • The CDN

As we mentioned earlier, we’re working on moving our CDN to be hosted on Amazon. We’ll keep this post updated, but at the moment we’re planning to migrate it before the downtime, so with any luck this’ll be up and happy. (Update, 28 April 2016: We’ve successfully set up a fallback CDN on Amazon! By default, CDN requests will still go to the CDN hosted in our local machine room, but if it’s ever down, Amazon will act as a failover server. Yay!!)

Keep an eye on our twitter feed for live updates as they happen.


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