How to: publish your Mine as a BioGPS plugin

BioGPS, a fantastic bioinformatics portal, is having a plugin registration blitz ahead of their upcoming redesign. The plugins allow BioGPS users to access bioinformatics data from across many different websites, including InterMine instances.

The fun news? BioGPS are giving the chance to win cute screen cleaner mascots as rewards for registering plugins. (See their blog post for full details).

hoppy helper mascot (left) and fasta fetcher mascot (right)
BioGPS Mascot (image via BioGPS’s blogpost)

So, how can *you* register a mine as a plugin, you ask? Easy as pie!

  1. Make sure your mine isn’t already a plugin by searching for it in BioGPS’s plugin section. Right now only HumanMine and RatMine are registered; this may change.
  2. Go to new plugin registration section and fill out the form. Here are some guidelines:  biogps new plugin
    1. Name: Hopefully you can guess what to put here! 🙂
    2. URL Template: This part may require a little bit of fiddling. The basic recipe is:
      (your default Mine URL) + "/" + {{some identifer}}

      For HumanMine we chose Entrez ID as the external modifier, but symbol or a species-specific identifier might be another good choice. The “add keyword” button to the right of the URL template field gives you a good idea of what’s available, and don’t be afraid to make use of the “test” button to check your config is working!

      • Example URL Templates:
        • HumanMine:
        • RatMine:
        • An example successful “test” should show a screenshot of your mine, similar to this: successful-biogps-test
    3. Summary: This is just a short one, so be concise!
    4. Species: You can select one or many as appropriate for your mine.
    5. Tags: For HumanMine we added “gene” and “portal”. Add anything else you think might be relevant or useful.
  3. Save the plugin and bask in glory. If you have any issues setting it up, feel free to drop us an email, leave a comment, or tweet us.



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