FlyMine 38.0

We’re pleased to announce a new release of FlyMine! We’ve updated all of our data sets to the newest versions and fixed a few bugs. See the data sources page for a full list of data and their versions. In particular, we have updated the genome annotations from FlyBase to the latest version (FB2013_04) and data from GenomeRNAi version 11.0 is now available. All data can be accessed through our comprehensive library of template searches. For example, find RNAi data for your favourite gene using the template search:

Also, don’t forget about our other recent changes, for example sharing lists and custom background distributions on analysis widgets:

You can share your lists with your colleagues and collaborators.  Simply add your colleagues email address to your list in ‘MyMine’.  They will be sent an email asking if they would like to accept the list.  Note that the list is still controlled by you – they can just see a copy so only you can modify it.  They can of course create a copy of the list, which will then be theirs to modify. 

You can specify your own background distribution for the enrichment widgets on the list analysis pages.  You need to have your preferred distribution saved as a list.  Each widget then has the option to select the list you wish to use.  If you are logged in you can save this as your default preference.

Please let us know if you would like more information on these or any of our other features.

The FlyMine Team

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