FlyMine 35.0 Released

We’re happy to announce a new release of FlyMine.  We’ve updated all of our data sets to the newest versions and added lots of exciting features. See the data sources page for a full list of data sources and their versions.


We have changed the way we model interactions to make the results of your searches easier for you to understand and analyse.  All the interaction template searches have been updated to use the new model.  In addition, we previously modeled interactions as a ‘matrix expansion’ – which means all possible interactions within a complex would be shown.  We have changed this so that only bait-prey interactions are shown (called a spoke-expansion).  However you can still infer all the possible interactions using the ‘all interactors’ field.  Please email us if you would like more information concerning this.

Sharing Lists

You can now share your lists with your colleagues and collaborators.  Simply add your colleagues email address to your list in ‘MyMine’.  They will be sent an email asking if they would like to accept the list.  Note that the list is still controlled by you – they can just see a copy so only you can modify it.  They can of course, create a copy of the list which will then be theirs to modify.  Again, please email us if you would like more information on this feature.

Background Distribution on Analysis Widgets

You can now specify your own background distribution for the enrichment widgets on the list analysis pages.  You need to have your preferred distribution saved as a list.  Each widget then has the option to select the list you wish to use.  If you are logged in you can save this as your default preference.

Please email us: for any help on these new features.

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