FlyMine 32.0

FlyMine 32.0 has been released today with new and updated data and lots of bug fixes.  Please see the data section of FlyMine for more details.

External Links

  • NEW – more and better links to YeastMine and RatMine
  • FIX – Links to FlyBase from the list anlaysis page
  • FIX – Links to Reactome from pathway report pages


  • FIX – bug preventing renaming lists and queries twice
  • NEW – timestamps are now client specific
  • FIX – query results with outer joins are easier to read
  • UPDATE – template queries are easier to build
  • FIX – bug preventing the import of queries with ONE OF constraint
  • NEW – downloading widget results on list analysis pages is easier and faster
  • FIX – sorting of lists and queries is fixed in MyMine
  • FIX –  hyphens no longer break auto-completion in queries
  • NEW – list tagging now supported by web services
  • FIX – LOOKUP constraints querying non bioentities with wildcards now work correctly
  • NEW – list upload examples now suggest identifiers based on the type you select.

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