FlyMine 27.0

We are pleased to announce the 27th release of FlyMine. As well as more up-to-date data, there are several new features and bug fixes to make things easier for you.


In this release 27.0 we have updated data from FlyBase to release FB2011_01 and updated several data sets to their most recent versions. Please see the data section of FlyMine for more details.

New Features

There are lots of new features we are really excited about:

  • Improvements to the list upload procedure

    The list upload procedure is easier to use, having been redesigned to provide more help to the user

  • Linking In

    There is now better support for linking in to FlyMine. As well as linking to report pages,
    you can link directly to query result sets, list analysis pages, or a choice of the two.

  • Embedding Results on Your Pages

    In addition to the old method of using IFrames, you can now embed tables of data from FlyMine directly into your own pages using JavaScript.
    There is a full tutorial on this exploring some of its potential here. Among its benefits, is the
    ability to have full stylistic integration with your own page using native css styling.

  • Meaningful Order for Templates

    The list of templates, which was previously simply ordered by template name,
    now shows templates according to popularity, so the most popular (and thus most useful, hopefully) templates will appear at the top,
    making it easier to discover helpful tools.


As well as new features, there are a few tweaks to the existing functionality:

  • Stricter test correction on enrichment widgets
  • More helpful filter options on enrichment widgets
  • New “delete” button on lists page
  • Report pages load faster (ajaxy magic means the interactions displayer doesn’t hold things up now)
  • The QueryBuilder is more intuitive: selecting an item in the list will take you back to the original item after page refresh/reload
  • Distinct values are easier to spot in query results – we’ve added a link to the column summary to help

Bug Fixes

And we haven’t stopped working to keep FlyMine bug-free…

  • “Score” images now display correctly on search results
  • Login bug concerning mixed case usernames fixed
  • Fixed widget bug when viewing after exporting widget data
  • Data isn’t repeated in the “miscellaneous” section on report pages

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