FlyMine 25.0

In Release 25.0 we have updated data from FlyBase to release FB2010_04 and updated several data sets to their most recent versions. Please see the data section of FlyMine for more details.


  • NEW – Stocks from FlyBase
  • FIX – Feature type on genes corrected
  • FIX – Clones loaded from FlyBase and BDGP merge


  • FIX – `query` link in breadcrumbs
  • FIX – occasional lag on list analysis page fixed
  • FIX – outputting raw HTML for protein structure.alignment fixed
  • FIX – removed confusing message on query history page
    • would output pathquery object if it was a bad query
  • FIX is a dropdown now
  • FIX -Removed obsolete Experiment.interactionDetectionMethod from model
  • FIX – can use quicksearch with galaxy
  • FIX – constraint form on querybuilder works correctly now

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