Release 21.0

In Release 21.0 we have updated data from FlyBase to release FB2009_09 and updated several data sets to their most recent versions.  Please see the data section of FlyMine for more details.


  • NEW – Curated pathways from FlyReactome


  • FIX:  Template query name and description no longer disappear when paging through results.
  • NEW:  We’ve added an option to download data in compressed format.
  • FIX:  Lines of text don’t wrap in the middle of words on results pages.
  • FIX:  Attribute types are consistently displayed in the QueryBuilder.
  • NEW:  Added a display option on widgets to view all widget data in a separate table.
  • NEW:  Added an option to select dataset (KEGG or Reactome) on pathway enrichment widget.
  • NEW:  Added a description to widget queries.
  • NEW:  Added a widget displaying the predicted binding sites (from the Tiffin data) enriched in the upstream intergenic region of genes in the list.

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