Release 18.1

FlyMine 18.1 contains no new data but fixes several issues with advanced QueryBuilder features and rare export problems.  All other functionality remains the same.

The technical details:


  • The Query Overview in the top right pane is now more consistently ordered.
  • Constraint Logic: queries with multiple sets of OR constraints now work correctly, subsequent OR constraints were being ignored.
  • Constraint Logic: removing constraints no longer resets all operations from OR to AND, and no longer removes brackets.
  • ‘loop queries’ and outer joins now work correctly together, loop constraints are not permitted across outer joins.
  • New constraints added to the query always default to inner joins.
  • Paths are no longer added to the Query Overview when you cancel adding a constraint


  • Fixed a bug where export failed in some cases with complex queries.
  • Exported column headings now use the description if this has been specified in a Template Query – to match the results table behaviour.
  • The column description for the root node is no longer lost when exporting.
  • Rows are no longer duplicated when exporting a query with multiple outer joined collections that each contain only one row.
  • Removing the column the original query was sorted by no longer gives an error when exporting.

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