Release 18.0

In Release 18.0 we have updated data from FlyBase to release FB2009_06 and many sources are updated to the latest versions.


Data from FlyBase is updated to the FB2009_06 release and many other sources have been updated to the latest versions, specific changes are detailed below. For a complete list of all data included in FlyMine see the ‘Data’ tab above.

  • NEW – Added orthologues from TreeFam
  • FIX – Fixed bug that caused some genes and protein domains to lose their names.
  • UPDATE – Added a goterm.parents collection to make querying easier.
  • UPDATE – Orthologues between the 12 Drosophila species now come directly from FlyBase rather than the orginal Clark-Eisen analysis (PMID: 17994087).


  • FIX – Favourite star on my mine page for templates
  • NEW – Added sign up for mailing list when creating account
  • FIX – Several QueryBuilder bugs, regarding a combination of loop queries and outer joins
  • UPDATE – The order of the QueryBuilder summary no longer changes when join styles change. We’ve implemented a better way of ordering paths:
    • that ignores the difference between inner and outer joins
    • the puts attributes before references and collections
    • orders alphabetically within attributes/refs/collections

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