Release 17.0

In Release 17.0 we have updated data from FlyBase to release FB2009_05 and many sources are updated to the latest versions.


Data from FlyBase is updated to the FB2009_05 release and many other sources have been updated to the latest versions, specific changes are detailed below. For a complete list of all data included in FlyMine see the ‘Data’ tab above.

  • NEW – Added natural_transposable_element features from FlyBase chado.
  • FIX – Fixed bug that caused some proteins from FlyBase not to be loaded.
  • UPDATE – Create synonyms for FlyBase proteins discarded because they have an identical sequence to a protein already stored in the database.
  • UPDATE – Added seven new FlyAtlas tissues.
  • FIX – Added datasets and long names to FlyBase interactions.
  • FIX – Added datasets to protein domains from InterPro.
  • FIX – Fixed bug that prevented the loading of self-self interactions from IntAct and BioGRID.

User interface

  • UPDATE – Added symbol to identifiers to show in HTML title, eg changed ‘Report page: FBgn0000606’ to ‘Gene report for eve (FBgn0000606)’
  • NEW – Added link from list analysis and report pages to modMine.
  • FIX – Improved performance of templates page in MyMine.
  • FIX – Fixed bug encountered when trying to access the list web services.
  • UPDATE – Changed the orientation of the FlyAtlas widget to increase readability.
  • UPDATE – Improved error messages generated by the web services.
  • UPDATE – Improved messages given when arriving to FlyMine from another website.
  • FIX – Fixed link to QueryBuilder on home page.
  • UPDATE – GOTerm now autocompletes in the QueryBuilder.
  • FIX – Fixed bug in bulk download query for Anopheles homologues.

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