Release 8.2

In release 8.2 we have added new ways to link to FlyMine, optional organism constraints to many templates and changed the publication widget on the list analysis page to show statistical enrichment.

Link to FlyMine

In response to requests from other sites you can now link directly to FlyMine list analysis pages with any list of identifiers. List analysis pages show graphs, tables and statistical enrichment for properties of a list – e.g. gene expression, protein domains, publications and pathways. You can also link into FlyMine with, for example, a protein identifier and request to see the corresponding gene report page. See this document to find out how to create links.

Publication Enrichment

The publication widget on the gene list analysis page now shows statistical enrichment of related publications. This is a great way to find the most relevant publications for a given gene list and may help you interpret the list. Gene/publication relationships are loaded fromPubMed.

Optional organism constraints

Many templates now have an optional constraint on organism to make it easier to use these templates with gene symbols.

Other changes

  • FIX – template form layouts have been improved.
  • FIX – totals are now displayed correctly in the FlyAtlas widget on list analysis pages.
  • FIX – wildcards now work in quick search again (e.g. you can search for ‘zen*’).
  • FIX – Lists/Templates pages are now correctly reset if text is removed from filter box.
  • FIX – logging out on some pages gave an error message, this is fixed.

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