Release 7.1

Release 7.1 includes a number of new user interface features. Results of queries can be ordered by a selected column and results tables have a new summary button which brings up statistics on the values in that column. Many template queries now have more descriptive column titles in results tables.

  • User Interface
    • NEW – Column summaries in results tables. Each column of a results table now has a summary icon, clicking this will bring up a box with more information about data in the column. For numerical data it will show the minimum value, maximum value, mean and standard deviation. For text it will display the number of unique values and the most commonly occurring values with their frequency.
    • NEW – Sorting query results. The QueryBuilder allows you to select an element from the output to sort results by. A sort button lets you choose ascending or descending order, for example to display results with the highest confidence score or most recent publication first.
    • NEW – Results column titles. Many template queries are now configured to have more descriptive column headings in results tables. The full path can be seen by hovering the mouse pointer over the description.
    • NEW – Chromosome distribution viewer. The gene details page for D. melanogaster and A. gambiae now includes a chromosome distribution viewer. This shows how many genes from the bag are found on each chromosome, click on a bar to see a list of the genes. The graph also shows an expected number of genes for each chromosome based on the distribution of all genes between chromosomes and the size of the bag.
    • NEW – Accurate counts on the results page. The results page used to show only an approximate number of rows returned from a query (unless the ‘Last’ link was clicked). The estimate is now updated to give an accurate ‘Total rows’ figure once it has been calculated.
    • UPDATE – The trail (e.g. Query -> Results -> Gene -> Protein) is now more complete to allow easy navigation back to recently viewed queries, results, object details or bag pages.
    • FIX – Performance has been improved when saving and viewing large bags of objects.
    • FIX – Renaming bags now works correctly.
    • FIX – Missing export options from results pages have been fixed. Genome features can be exported as FASTA or GFF3, protein interactions can be exported in Cytoscape SIF format.
    • FIX – Sequences from Translation objects can now be exported as FASTA.
    • FIX – Some minor issues with display on Internet Explorer have been fixed..
  • Tools
    • FIX – TFModules from REDfly are now shown in GBrowse and have a GBrowse image on their details pages.
  • Known issues
    • There are currently no known problems with release 7.1.

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