Release 7.0

Release 7.0 updates the D. melanogaster genome to 5.1 annotation and other genome annotation sources have been re-mapped. GO enrichment and KEGG pathway viewers have been added to the gene Bag Details page.

  • Data
    • UPDATE – The D. melanogaster genome has been updated to annotation version 5.1. Data from DrosDel, FlyReg, REDfly and the microarray tiling path have been re-mapped using USCS LiftOver.
    • NEW – UniProt keywords (e.g. Acetylation, Sulfate transport) and protein features (e.g. HELIX, DNA_BIND) have been added.
    • NEW – KEGG pathway information added for D. melanogaster.
    • NEW – FlyAtlas now has data for three more tissues – larval fat body, larval tubule and male accessory gland.
    • UPDATE – InParanoid orthologues have been updated to a release from January 2007.
    • UPDATE – Four more D. melanogaster RNAi screens added from the DRSC the RNAi aspect.
    • UPDATE GO annotation, protein-protein interactions and UniProt protein data are all updated to recent releases.
    • FIX – Missing protein structure data has been added, protein structures can now be viewed with JMol again.
    • FIX – Missing protein interaction detection method has been replaced.
    • FIX – Missing INDAC oligo sequences added.
  • User Interface
    • FIX -Drosophila gene names now work in the quick search box, a number of minor problems with quick search have been fixed.
    • NEW – The trail (e.g. Query -> Results -> Gene) has been improved for easy navigation between queries, results, and details pages.
    • NEW – GO enrichment widget on the gene Bag Details page. For the genes in the bag this lists the number of genes with a particular GO term and a p-value which is the probability that this number of genes were annotated with the GO term by chance, given the abundance of the GO term in a reference population.
    • NEW – KEGG pathway widget on the gene Bag Details page. This shows the number of genes in the bag that are associated with a particular KEGG pathway, links give the list of genes and more information about the pathway.
    • UPDATE – The constraint editor pane of the QueryBuilder has been made clearer.
    • NEW – import query from XML link added to the FlyMine home page.

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