Release 2.1

  • Data – new sources
    • Added D. melanogaster whole genome amplimer tiling path (Genetics Department, Cambridge, UK)
  • Data – fixes
    • Fixed an off by one error with chromosome locations of FlyReg binding sites
    • GBrowse images now appear on Transcript details page
    • Removed duplicate GO (Gene Ontology) Ontology object
    • Sequences are no longer a mix of upper and lower case – now all lower case
    • Added CDS and Translation objects for each A. gambiae Transcript
    • INDAC oligos – Transcripts now correctly merged with other D. melanogaster annotation
    • All genome annotation features now have a chromosomeLocation field
  • Data – known issues
    • Information from FlyBase missing for some D. melanogaster genes due to problems reading FlyBase gff3 (fixed in FlyBase release 4.1)
    • INDAC, FlyReg and Genetics Dept (Cambridge) InfoSource objects are duplicated
  • Interface – new features
    • Template queries now work with bags – an attribute can be constrained to be in/not-in a bag
    • Template search facility added. Users can search public and private templates
    • All string matches in FlyMine queries are now case insensitive
    • Performance improvements while paging through results/collection tables
    • Collection/bag table pages are now bookmarkable
    • Keywords can be attached to template queries
  • Interface – fixes
    • Users with javascript disabled can now run queries
    • Fixed bug that stopped the user from creating certain loop-queries

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